Texas is home to some of the most entertaining events in the United States. Each year, event managers and other entertainment industry players organize parades, festivals, and music events. The state offers various entertainment such as food festivals, sports, fine arts, culture, and music. Our website tracks each event and provides this information to you at the right time.

  1. Mardi Gras Galveston

The Mardi Gras Galveston Festival is held every year. In 2019, more than 250,000 attendees flocked to the festival. They enjoyed typical party activities, including fasting, headliner performances, basketball games, vampire costumes, and spectacular parades.

  1. San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show

Get a feel of the old West culture in Texas when you attend the San Antonio stock rodeo and show. This annual event brings to life many fun activities ideal for adults and the whole family. Attendees get to take part in calf scramble, shopping carnival rides, and rodeo contests.

  1. Austin Livestock Show

Many livestock shows are happening in Texas and across the United States, but the Austin livestock show is the largest. Austin livestock show features 20 days of pure entertainment and rodeo competition. If you attend next year’s event, you will witness extravagant concerts, wine competitions, rodeo action, and, of course, the livestock shows.

  1. Strawberry Festival

People from all states converge every April in Poteet, Texas, for the annual Strawberry Festival. The more than 30,000 attendees do not regret the decision to attend the festival because they get to take part in parades, dances, gunslingers, and other forms of entertainment.

  1. Austin Reggae Festival

The city of Austin welcomes hundreds of reggae fans every April. The fans are in Austin to take part in the Austin reggae festival. Reggae’s unique culture and aspects dominate the festival. However, visitors can take part in other entertainment performances, such as craft shows and painting.

Tourist Corner


Mardi Gras Galveston definitely shocked me and all of my friends. It was my friend’s 25th birthday and it was UNFORGETTABLE. Our guide was more than we ever could have hoped for as a guide. He was attentive and knowledgeable. He was very kind and made our time as great as it was. I would definitely recommend Festival texas to any and all of my friends.

Shelby Mayer


Our driver was such a sweetheart! He had homemade cookies for us as well as water and snacks. He took us to an excellent example of four different wineries in the area. He called days beforehand to touch base and ensure we didn’t have any questions or special requests. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

– Michelle Payton

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